My relationship with cannabis began in 1989 as 15 year old when I smoked my first joint in a DJs bedsit in St.Albans. In 1996 on the foothills of Mt. Snowden in North Wales I grew my first female Skunk No.1 in a hydroponic system.


Over the years I have always been keen to educate everyday people, everyday, on the benefits of cannabis. My activism is pure grassroots. I joined the Green Party in 2011 to campaign for drug reform. I am a member of the Green Party Drugs Policy Working Group.


After gaining my BA hons in anthropology with sustainability in 2015 I went onto to write my geography masters dissertation at Exeter Uni on human-cannabis relationships across scale.


I also make music. The latest project I am involved in is called Claibekas.


Here a tune I recorded in 2003








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