My name is Julyan (Jules) Levy. I was born in 1973 to working class parents - a Glaswegian Jewish father and a Dorset born baby boomer mother. 80s economic policies worked in their favour and they fully embraced the Thatcherite vision. One could say their whole parenting style was based upon it, but that's a tale for another time ... and so I grew up in St.Albans, my childhood, privileged by a middle class, right wing, Daily Mail infused environment.


But all was not lost and in 1989 I fell in love with Hannah, had my first psychedelic experience and began a relationship with cannabis. By the end of 1999 Han and I had three kids together.

We are still very much in love.


Over the next decade parenting became the priority over a career, sharing all domestic and child-rearing duties. Alongside a labour-of-love relationship with the UK independent music industry, and writing and recording our own music, we worked in schools, in bars, and in kitchens (I trained as a chef).


In 2011 I returned to higher education. After gaining my UG degree in anthropology with sustainability in 2015 from Exeter University, I went on to gain my Masters of Research in critical human geographies writing my dissertation on human-cannabis relationships.


As an ethnographer my broad research interests are located at the intersection of anthropology, political ecology and human geography. I am currently following two specific research threads 1) The anthropology of community, with a focus on low-impact living and food growing 2) Human-cannabis relationships across scale from the molecular to the cultural to the agroecolgical.


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I also maintain the Green Party drug policy Facebook and Twitter profiles ...  but my relationship with party politics is a little threadbare ...


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human-cannabis relationships



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